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The Council for Globalization Cooperation (CGC) was founded in May 2015. CGC is an interdisciplinary intercultural body of the European New University with the objective to create a focal point for genuine cooperation and culture of peace as well as a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas and practical experiences in the field of globalization cooperation. It is our mission to prepare individuals and Institutions for the challenges of an ever changing world, whereby its philosophy is guided by the concepts of universalism, pluralism, uniqueness of the individual and  free mobility.

The Council was founded due to the initiative of Dr. John Sun and has been guided by the belief of the founders that amid a constantly changing globalization and proceeding European and international integration, perspectives must be created for all citizens and their environments to prepare them successfully to deal with the diverse situations of change, migration, and integration into complex environments, and to develop transfer abilities through the achievement of intercultural competencies for the purpose of increased mobility and integration within an globalized World.

Welcome amenities ...

We welcome Dr. John Sun as the Chairman of the Council for Globalization Cooperation. Dr. John Sun is the founder of World Cultural Diversity Organisation. Scholar on globalization theory and practice. Served in UNESCO and Chinese government for decades. A visiting professor also at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government under the host of Professor Joseph Nye, then the Dean of the Kennedy school at Harvard. Co-chaired Globalization Forum with Kofi Annan and the current Chinese president Xi Jinping back in 2002 and 2005. He published the book on globalization published by the Beijing Post University in 2001. Dr. Sun is a well accomplished academic and authority on international politics and social policy.
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Cun as a Member of our academic community.

Dr. h.c. Jovan H. Didier
President of the
European New University

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