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How to study at ENU


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1. Traditional and open access to study

  • Access for everyone via traditional school qualifications (Baccalaureate, Maturité Fédérale, German Abitur or equivalent).

  • Access to the fields of study (bachelor, master) via Evaluation of documented experience or by evaluation of competency portfolio or an assessment or by decision on the basis of a special expertise in particular case.

2. Accreditation of prior learning
As a result of the APL-procedure exemption of academic performances are possible.

3. Practice Transfer by
Work-based Study (on the job training) and preparation of the bachelor/master thesis

4. Joint-Degree
Study programmes are available as a joint-degree programme with other Universities and as thus they are highly distinguished on the job.

5. Flexibility
All study programmes are flexible (see study structure and study process) and highly suitable for the working adult.

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